Many retail stores have issues with ventilation and poor air filtration. Stagnant air can allow pollutants to multiply and spread, bringing down the air quality within the entire store. Busy retail stores can become a haven for contaminants that affect the health of customers and staff.

Air quality in shopping centers

Eliminate pathogens at the source with illumiPure’s AirGuardian solution. Keep customers and retail workers protected from surface and airborne diseases and illnesses while creating a cleaner, safer environment for everyone. This technology can also be effective in mall food courts, which can contribute to particulate matter in the air. Keep consistent airflow going through stores and shopping centers with illumiPure’s AirGuardian air treatment technology, which:

Neutralizes pathogens
Disinfects and filtrates the air
Destroys chemical contaminants

160ft or 24m

is the excess distance thatairborne pathogens can travel


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time is spent indoors

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Air quality in supermarkets

Many grocery stores have issues with maintaining clean air filtration systems which contribute to poor air quality. With most being indoors, recirculating air in stores is coming under closer scrutiny. Keeping people distanced can be difficult, so adding another layer of protection is becoming an essential safety measure. illumiPure's solution can eliminate harmful particles floating in the air and on surfaces while keeping clean air circulating throughout supermarkets.Adding illumiPure AirGuardian solutions within supermarkets keep produce protected and surfaces clean with LED microbe-killing technology, limiting the spread of viruses and other bacteria that can cause illness.


Air pollution can be up to 5x higher indoors

Mold and mildew

can lead to respiratory issues

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