By their nature, entertainment venues are designed for large crowds of people, which makes social distancing problematic and creates an area that is ideal for disease spread. Attendees, however, are not the only ones at risk. Performers, athletes, and their crews are also susceptible to poor air quality when gathering in locker or dressing rooms. Whether patrons or entertainers, all event goers need equal access to high quality air.

Air quality in museums & theaters

Protect priceless museum artifacts, theater environments, and their patrons with illumiPure’s Air Guardian and CleanWhite fixtures. For museums, the artifacts and priceless exhibits are susceptible to surface and air pathogens which could affect the life of an exhibit. With the pandemic top of mind for getting back to life, poor indoor air quality is a key issue that makes people hesitant to venture out to movie theaters because of concerns about contaminants and the air they breathe. Keep surfaces clean while eliminating contaminants lingering in the air to ensure guests and staff are as safe as possible.

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