illumiPure partners with MedSource in Switzerland

U.S. based illumiPure has selected MedSource GmbH, located in central Switzerland, as its European partner to market and distribute all of its disinfection solutions under the Air Guardian, CleanWhite, and Vertices brands. illumiPure has developed professional products to meet the needs of indoor air and surface disinfection with patented LED and air flow technologies. illumiPure believes, and we agree, that having pure healthy air to breathe is a right, and our shared responsibility.

illumPure's manifesto

Just breathe. Take a breath. It fills you, sustains you, nourishes your mind and body. So simple, yet so vital to life.

The world has never needed a deep, cleansing breath of fresh air more than we do in this moment.

It’s our mission at illumiPure to deliver just that—the cleanest, healthiest indoor air possible.

800 Billion
Virus deactivated since founding

Why choose illumiPure solutions?

illumiPure's mission to innovate, invent, and deliver economical solutions to create cleaner, healthier indoor environments across the globe. Maintaining pure healthy air to breathe, free of harmful pathogens, is not only the right thing to do; it’s our responsibility.

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Technology Driven

illumiPure understands the technology required to manufacture LED UV-C lighting and the challenges posed by the smallest pathogens in terms of dose energy needed to combat them. illumiPure rises to the current and future challenge to measure and improve the disinfection of air and surface environments.

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Patent Protected

illumiPure is the owner of intellectual property governing the operation of LED lighting elements and the designer of trade mark registered products and brands in the air and surface disinfection industry.

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Laboratory Proven

Independent laboratory testing has confirmed the deactivation and destruction of pathogens, mold, viruses, and spores significant enough to reach a 99.9% disinfectant level.

Made in the U.S.A.

All illumiPure products are manufactured, assembled, tested, and shipped from our own high-tech facility in Houston, Texas. This vertically integrated laboratory-to-manufacturing process delivers scalability and ensures the highest level of quality control. R&D is always on the forefront to oversee production lines and monitor facility conditions while enhancing and protecting our company’s intellectual property. illumiPure’s team of engineers and developers provide an unmatched ability to react quickly to changing demands in the market and deliver highly innovative technologies and solutions to our customers.