Typical school buildings have approximately four times as many occupants as an office building with the same amount of floor space. Unlike the occupants in offices, children do not have fully developed immune systems and may not be fully vaccinated against common diseases. Yet, many educational facilities are designed without attention to the proper air ventilation. In these high-traffic spaces, providing clear air is paramount to the ongoing safety of students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

Air quality in grade schools

With over 5% of our children having asthma, it has become a leading cause of absenteeism in schools. Asthma alone is responsible for over 10 million missed days of school annually, and this absenteeism is linked to lower academic performance. Unfortunately, although we know certain allergens, such as dust mites, pests, and mold play a role in triggering asthma symptoms, these allergens still remain quite common in schools today. illumiPure's suite of solutions can add much needed ventilation to areas with poor airflow and surface disinfection to the most commonly used surfaces.


can lead to health issues for students, teachers, and administrative staff

Bad air quality

can lead to lower performance among students

Air quality in Universities

While we all love the special place our alma mater has in our hearts, we also recognize that many of these buildings were not designed with the knowledge we have today. That means that the majority of these structures have several obstructions to air quality. Providing quality air and surface cleanliness solutions, such as illumiPure's patented Air Guardian and CleanWhite product solutions, means that not only will students be more comfortable, but school administrators will see increased efficiency and reduced deterioration of the building's physical plant and equipment.


can attract higher levels of indoor contaminants

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