illumiPure's Air Guardian technology was designed to improve air quality as part of an infection control system.

Air quality in hospitals

Today’s healthcare leaders have recognized that placing priority on controlling air and surface pathogens to ensure safe air quality for patients and staff. Patients receiving care in a hospital may be highly susceptible to infections from viruses, which can remain suspended in the air for up to three hours.

Hospitals can place illumiPure's Air Guardian Solutions in:

Waiting Rooms
Exam Rooms
High-use supply closets

1 in 31 Patients

are affected by an HAI on any given day

Without air purification

SARS-CoV-2 can live 3 hours on average once airborne

For every 100 people

who get an acquired infection in a hospital, 15 get a lung infection3

Air quality in medical offices

With the growing demand on our healthcare system and outpatient care, patients and staff are concerned with the spread of infections in public spaces, especially in environments with contagions. Proper air filtration remains one important approach to maintaining the cleanliness of indoor air quality in medical facilities. The Air Guardian solution works to improve indoor area quality as part of an infection control strategy.

Air Guardian Solutions are ideal for:

Primary & Specialty Care Offices
Urgent Care Centers
Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Mold and mildew

can lead to respiratory issues

Nurses are at higher risk

or developing upper respiratory tract infections

UVGI Systems

are effective at killing airborne pathogens

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